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We specialize in a wide array of Allied Health services and have the best staff to help you.

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Allied Health

From occupational therapists to physiotherapists, get in-home support to prevent and manage health conditions. We can help ensure you stay physically and mentally fit and feel confident and independent in the community and at home.

Our qualified and experienced team of allied health professionals can:

  • Assess your needs and goals.
  • Provide specialist advice and treatment.
  • Recommend assistive technology, mobility equipment and aids.
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Our mobile physio service Melbourne provides prompt, effective on-site  physiotherapy care for:

  • Chronic pain management.
  • Rehabilitation and exercise programs.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Cardiorespiratory concerns.
  • Neurological ailments.
  • Gait support including mobility equipment and more…


Uncomfortable or painful feet don’t have to be a part of growing old.

At People First Healthcare, our aged care podiatrist team is committed to improving the quality of life for clients by keeping them mobile, active and ‘on their feet’.

Our foot care professionals are trained to diagnose, prevent, treat and rehabilitate problems with the lower limbs and feet. With our help, many issues can be successfully treated to reduce discomfort.


Our qualified nurse can visit your home and help to manage ongoing health conditions or assist your recovery after an injury or medical procedure. We can help with wound care, medication management, continence, stoma, diabetes, and other complex nursing care needs.

Occupational Therapist

Our mobile Occupational Therapist​ Service provides prompt effective consultations, advice for the following:

  • Equipment prescription.
  • Home modifications – rails, ramps.
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments.
  • Detailed Home Care Package (HCP) assessments and reports.
  • Recommendations for other services and supports.